17.6.2018 Vännäs, Sweden. Sighthound Show
SN Caspian Al Bhazim BD3 with res-CAC
Judge Anette Bystrup, Denmark.

Congrats Cisse & Caspian!

Soheil Nour Caspian al Bhazim. photo: Birgitta J


17.6.2018 Tromssa, Norway INT Show
Soheil Nour Deena Daneen BB-2, res-CACIB, res-CAC!
Judge: Olof Knauber, DE
Warm Congrats Heli Kuusikko!

Soheil Nour Deena Daneen

16.6.2018 Kotka NORD show:

SN Aimee BOB, BIG-2 with nord CAC
Bel Etual Lafayette BD2 with res nord CAC
under Jussi Liimatainen.

Soheil Nour Aimee BOB, BIG-2

Saluki Specialty and Saluki Show 9.6 – 10.6.2018

9.6 puppies and males Maria Nordin, knl Badavie, SE, Bitches Nicola Quadling, knl Malenkhai, GB

SN Fakhrjahan BOS-puppy
SN Fahyim Fuad baby 2. HP
SN Fasna Fahreen baby 1. HP BB-2 puppy

Elamir Classic Souvenir BOS
SN Caspian al Bhazim CH EXC 4 CQ

SN Breedergroup 2. HP

10.6 puppies and males Bitches Nicola Quadling, knl Malenkhai, GB, Bitches Maria Nordin, knl Badavie, SE

SN Fahyim Fuad BOS-puppy
SN Fasna Fahreen baby 1. HP BB-2 puppy
SN Chakshnusha BIS Working
SN Deena Daneen and Erina Daneen BIS brace
Alabama Feju Era BIS particolour
SN BIS breedergroup BIS!

Warm Congratulatios and Thank You all!

9.6 BOB puppy Khaireddin Yaminah BOS puppy Soheil Nour Fakhrjahan
9. and 10.6 BB-2 puppy Soheil Nour Fasna Fahreen
9.6 BOS Elamir Classic Souvenir
9.6 SN Breedergroup 2. HP Chaksnusha, Aimee, Erina Daneen, Deena Daneen.
10.6 BOS puppy Soheil Nour Fahyim Fuad, BOB puppy Khaireddin Yaminah
10.6 BOS Working Kirman Floria BIS Working Soheil Nour Chakshnusha
10.6 BIS pair SN Deena Daneen and Erina Daneen
10.6 BIS particolour Alabama Feju Era


10.6 BIS breeder SN Chaksnusha, Aimee, Erina Daneen, Deena Daneen. Photo: Tuire Kantoluoto


9.6. – 10.6.2018 at Romania Bukharest INT

9.6 SN Eris Damali got CAC J, Best Junior and BOB, CRUFTS quality! under Dr. Cristian Vantu.

10.6 she was also BOB with jcac and BOB-junior under Carmen Gil Polo.

Warm Congrats Dora and Larisa Danciu!

Soheil Nour Eris Damali 2 x BOB


26.5.2018 Vaasa Group Show
Soheil Nour Caspian al Bhazim BD-4

Judge: Unto Timonen, FI
Congrats Cisse and Caspian


18.-20.5.2018 Szilvásvárad, Hungary 3 x INT Show
Soheil Nour Farahnoush
Minor Puppy Class
3x Very Promising, 3x Best Baby and new HUNGARIAN MINOR PUPPY GRAND WINNER!
Judges: Erdős László, Dorotha Witkovska , Rainer Jacobs!
Warm Congratulations Mariann Kiss!

Soheil Nour Farahnoush


19.5.2018 Hamina NORD Show
Bel Etual Lafayette BOB, NORD CAC
Soheil Nour Aimee BB-2, NORD res-CAC!

Judged by Marko Lepasaar EE

Soheil Nour Aimee and Bel Etual Lafayette

13.5.2018 Lieto, Lure Coursing

Zubayr Adan For Soheil Nour was 3. CC 457 points
Soheil Nour Chakshnusha placed 4. with 446 points.


12.5.2018 Hungary, Sissi Memorial Club show:
Soheil Nour Chamanda exc 1 CAC CLUBWINNER’18
Judge: Dr Frederic Maison (Fr)
Congratulations Mariann Kiss!

Soheil Nour Chamanda

12. -13.5.2018 Roskilde Denmark

12.5 Soheil Nour Chitharazat won open class with res-cac
Soheil Nour Emad Eilshan was BOB puppy on both show days!

Well Done everybody!

Soheil Nour Chitharazat
Soheil Nour Emad Eilshan


12.5.2018 Oulu NORD Show

Soheil Nour Deena Daneen BOB, NORD CAC
Soheil Nour Delisha Daneen BB2 with FI CAC & res Nordic CAC
Soheil Nour Caspian Al Bhazim BD2 with res-Nordic CAC at Oulu

under judge Helen Tenson.

Warm Congrats Heli, Mia, Matti and Cisse!

BOS Khalils Chafees Chayton Shariar, BOB Soheil Nour Deena Daneen
Soheil Nour Delisha Daneen


29.4.2018 Ravijoki INT Lure Coursing

Ch. Soheil Nour Aimee won her 4th LC CAC, she placed 14th and 462 points!

Soheil Nour Aimee


29.4.2018 Västerås, Sweden

Soheil Nour Chitharazat ”Cocos” was placed best dog 4 with CAC!

under judge Bo Skalin, SE

Warm Congrats Nini & Peter

Soheil Nour Chitharazat



Soheil Nour Farahnoush
debut in 2 shows last weekend

MAVE Speciality CAC Show
Very Promising1,BOB Baby
Judge: Maja Cosic (HR)

Kaposvár CAC
Very Promising1,BOB Baby
Judge:Paróczi Pál (SRB)

Warm Congratulatios Mariann Kiss!

Soheil Nour Farahnoush

14.4.2018 Vaasa IDS

Ch. Soheil Nour Caspian Al Bhazim was BOB with CACIB
Ch. Soheil Nour Deena Daneen was BOS with CACIB under Eva Nielsen from Sweden.

Huge Congrats Cisse and Heli!

Soheil Nour Caspian al Bhazim and Soheil Nour Deena Daneen

6. -7.4.2018

Little girls did great job at Kotka Puppy Shows .

Soheil Nour Eulayla was BOB and BIG3 on Saturday under Unto Timonen and

Alabama Feju Era did the same on Sunday under Maija Lehtonen.

Alabama Feju Era and Soheil Nour Eulayla


We have a new Finnish Champion!

Soheil Nour Deena Daneen  finished her champion title with style.

She was BOS at Kajaani group show under Markku Kipinä (7.4.2018). Huge congrats Heli Kuusikko!

FI CH Soheil Nour Deena Daneen


 30.3 all breed show Ch. SN Chakshnusha (sire of our F-litter) was BOS,
and our breeder group was BOB,
under sighthound specialist György Tesics

31.3 INT show Chakshnusha was BD2 with res-cacib,

BOB with cacib was our Russian import Ch. Bel Etual Lafayette (sire of E-litter).
SN Aisha was BB2 with res-cacib.
Soheil Nour was BOB breeder again!

Salukis were judged by Vivien Phillips, GB. Thank you Tiia and Heli!

30.3 SN Chakshnusha BOS
30.3. BOB Aziz Palmira BOS SN Chakshnusha
30.3 SN Breedergroup BOB HP
31.3. BOB Bel Etual Lafayette
31.3. BOB CACIB Bel Etual Lafayette BOS El Ubaid´s Sincerity Isis
31.3. BD-2 res-CACIB SN Chakshnusha
31.3. SN Aisha BB-2 res-CACIB (CACIB)

25.3.2018 Danish Sighthounds Club Show, Danmark

Soheil Nour Emad Eilshan ( Mahku ) – 7 months old
started his show career and he was BOB & BIS-2 puppy!
Warm Congratulations to his owners Conny Elkjaer & Anne Edberg!
Judge: Inzaghi Beradze, Czech republic.

SN Emad Eilshan


 23.3.2018 Boden (Sweden)

SN Deena Daneen was placed BB3 with res-cac under judge Rasma Ergle,LV

SN Deena Daneen

27.-28.1.2018 Timisoara CAC Shows


CH Soheil Nour Chamanda
CH class: exc 1,CAC,BOB,BOG2
Judge: Dagmar Klein (RO)

CH of CH show
Judge: Nemanja Jovanovic (SRB)

CH class: exc1,CAC,BOB,BOG
Judge: Calin Margineanu (RO)

Soheil Nour Chamanda


Kajaani, INT Show

Soheil Nour Deena Daneen BB-2, with res-CAC and res-CACIB, under judge Jarmo Vuorinen, FI

Congratulations Heli Kuusikko!



We had a great year 2017!

Here are some results of The Finnish Saluki Club´s the saluki of the year lists:

Soheil Nour: The breeder of the year 2017 #2

Elamir Classic Souvenir: The sire of the year # 1
(Sire of D-litter) Saluki of the year # 7
The Most Winning Saluki #7
Top Saluki # 8

Soheil Nour Caspian al Bhazim: Saluki of the year #10
The most winning saluki # 8
Top Saluki # 9
Joni´s Trophy for Versatile saluki # 10

Soheil Nour Chaksnusha Joni´s Trophy for Versaile saluki # 3

Soheil Nour Dhamir Khan Young saluki of the year # 7
Saluki of the year # 20

Soheil Nour Aimee Saluki of the year # 25

Soheil Deena Daneen Saluki of the year # 26

Thank you all involved! We are very proud of you all  Happy New Year 2018!



Elamir Classic Souvenir) finished his show year being BD3 at Finnish Winner Show

under judge Natasa Blanusa.

Elamir Classic Souvenir


Champion of Champions show Hungary

CH Soheil Nour Chamanda
EXC1,CH of CH BOB and selected two best dog in FCI GROUP 10
Judge: Serghei Volinets (MD)

President Cup-CACIB show
Judge:László István


Owner: Mariann Kiss, Hungary.
Warm Congratulations

C.I.B Soheil Nour Chamanda
photo: Mariann Kiss


26.11.2017 Tampere IDS

Elamir Classic Souvenir BD-4 under judge Anette Bystrup, DK !



25.11.2017 Tampere all breed show (67 salukis)

SN Dhamir Khan BOS, CAC and FI CH!
Elamir Classic Souvenir BD-4!
SN Aisha BB-2!
SN breedergroup 1 HP!

Judge: Nick Bryce-Smith, GB

BOB El Ubaid´s Sincerity Isis & BOS Soheil Nour Dhamir Khan
SN Aisha BB-2
BOB-breeder Dhamir Khan, Chakshnusha, Deena Daneen and Aisha



14.10.2017 Jyväskylä IDS, Finland

SN Caspian Al Bhazim was BOB and BIG2 under judge Tino Pehar!

Huge congratulations Cisse & Caspian!